Electric Scooters – Time To Be A Big Kid!

scooterOK, only a short one this week but time for a bit of fun! I recently came across this review on electric scooters for kids and something I didn’t realize is that the larger scooters are suitable for adults too. Look at this pic and tell me it doesn’t look like a blast!

With the weather warming up I’d been on the lookout for something to do outdoors with the boys and these look just the ticket. The review goes into good detail of 3 popular models of varying sizes and power so I spent some time going over the whole thing before jumping on Amazon to continue my research. As much as I appreciate a well written review, for me nothing beats reading through the customer reviews to find the quirks.

By and large the reviews of electric scooters are positive but the batteries do wear out. Not surprising really as it takes a lot of power to propel a human up to 10+ mph. Not that it concerns me too much as I checked battery prices and they’re not unreasonable (generally under $50).

In the end I bought 3 scooters for each of us – a Razor E300 for myself, a E200 for my eldest and a E100 for my youngest son. Can’t wait for them to arrive!

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