When Should Boys Choose Their Hairstyle?

bieberhairSo it started with our eldest’s “Bieber hair” (as I call it) getting in his eyes for soccer and an ensuing visit to the barber. I recall when I was at the age of 7 hair wasn’t even on my radar and I had whatever haircut I was given. However, somehow our eldest son has been able to choose his hairstyle for some time and I’m not really sure I agree. My wife found this to back her up where a chap in Australia lets his 3 year old choose his hairstyle (I’ll admit, it’s a good read though).

My argument is that at 7 he should be only be concerned about school, soccer, and cooties. Sure, when he’s older he’s going to be angsty and concerned about his looks. And I get the whole putting up with hair in my eyes things as I had pretty awesome bangs in the mid 80’s which hid half my face.

For me, I think if young kids are just told what to wear & how their hair is going to be then they won’t stress about it as it won’t be a choice. They’ll work out when they’re ready if they want to look differently. That said, our boys have their favorite clothes but I’ve no issue with them wearing Lighting McQueen, but to want to look like Justin Bieber loses some innocence somehow. Is it just me?

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